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Palmer Mangoes (Brazil)

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Shop Brazilian Palmer Mangoes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, UAE


Palmer mangoes, hailing from Brazil, are renowned for their large size, vibrant orange-yellow skin, and luscious sweet flesh. These mangoes have gained popularity among mango enthusiasts and consumers worldwide due to their exceptional flavor and unique taste. Brazil, being a leading producer of mangoes, benefits from its tropical climate and fertile soil, particularly in the state of Bahia, where Palmer mangoes are cultivated. With a harvesting season that spans from November to March, Palmer mangoes offer a steady supply of delightful fruits that can be enjoyed fresh or incorporated into various culinary creations. Let's explore more about these exquisite mangoes and discover where you can shop for Palmer mangoes in the UAE, including Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi.

Specifications of Palmer Mangoes (Brazil)

For those interested in purchasing Palmer mangoes imported from Brazil in the UAE, it's essential to be aware of the specifications. Here are the key details you should know:

  • Origin: Brazil
  • 1 Box = 6 kg gross weight / 5.5 kg net weight per box (Approximate)
  • 1 Box = 13~15 Mangoes per box (Approximate)

Palmer Mangoes: A Tropical Delight

Palmer mangoes are a treat for the senses. Their intense sweetness, coupled with hints of tropical fruit flavors like pineapple and citrus, creates a truly delightful taste experience. The flesh of Palmer mangoes is smooth, fiber-free, and possesses a buttery consistency that melts in your mouth. These qualities make Palmer mangoes a sought-after variety among mango aficionados.

The Mango Paradise: Brazil's Mango Production

Brazil holds a prominent position in global mango production, thanks to its favorable climate and fertile soil. The country's tropical conditions are ideal for growing high-quality mangoes, and the state of Bahia stands out as a prime region for mango cultivation, including the beloved Palmer variety. The combination of abundant sunshine, ample rainfall, and rich soil contributes to the exceptional flavor and quality of Brazilian mangoes.

Harvest Season and Culinary Versatility

Palmer mangoes have an extended harvesting season that begins in November and continues through March. This prolonged period ensures a consistent supply of these delectable fruits, allowing mango enthusiasts to indulge in their favorite tropical treat for an extended period.

The culinary applications of Palmer mangoes are diverse and exciting. Their fresh and juicy nature makes them a perfect snack when sliced and enjoyed on their own. Additionally, they can be incorporated into a variety of recipes, such as smoothies, salads, desserts, and even savory dishes. The versatility of Palmer mangoes allows you to explore your creativity in the kitchen and infuse your dishes with the delightful flavors of this Brazilian variety.

Shopping for Palmer Mangoes in the UAE

If you're in the UAE and craving the taste of Palmer mangoes, you're in luck. Several options are available for you to shop for these delightful fruits in popular cities like Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi. Local markets, supermarkets, and fruit stands are the go-to places during the harvest season, where you can find an abundant supply of Palmer mangoes. Their vibrant colors and enticing aroma make them easy to spot among the other fruits.

Supermarkets, with their wide range of produce, often offer an organized display of mangoes, including Palmer mangoes. You can find them neatly stacked and ready for you to pick and enjoy at home. Fruit stands are another excellent option, as they typically specialize in fresh and seasonal fruits, ensuring you get the finest quality mangoes.

FAQs about Shopping for Palmer Mangoes in the UAE

1. Where can I find Palmer mangoes in the UAE?

Palmer mangoes can be found in local markets, supermarkets, and fruit stands across the UAE, including popular cities like Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi.

2. When is the best time to buy Palmer mangoes in the UAE?

The best time to purchase Palmer mangoes in the UAE is during their harvesting season, which spans from November to March.

3. Can I find Palmer mangoes in supermarkets?

Yes, many supermarkets in the UAE offer Palmer mangoes as part of their fruit selection. They are often displayed alongside other mango varieties.

4. Are Palmer mangoes available year-round in the UAE?

Palmer mangoes have a specific harvesting season from November to March. While they may not be available year-round, you can find them in abundance during this period.

5. Are Palmer mangoes imported directly from Brazil?

Palmer mangoes are grown in Brazil, but they are also exported to various countries, including the UAE. You can enjoy the unique taste of Brazilian Palmer mangoes in the UAE.

6. Can I find organic Palmer mangoes in the UAE?

Organic Palmer mangoes may be available in select stores or markets that specialize in organic produce. It is advisable to inquire with local vendors or check organic food sections in supermarkets.

In Conclusion

Palmer mangoes from Brazil are a tropical delight cherished for their exceptional flavor and sweet, juicy flesh. Brazil's ideal growing conditions contribute to the high quality of these mangoes, with the state of Bahia being a significant hub for their cultivation. The extended harvesting season ensures a steady supply of Palmer mangoes, which can be enjoyed fresh or incorporated into various culinary creations.

In the UAE, including cities like Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi, you can find Palmer mangoes at online shop during their harvest season. These online shops provide you with the opportunity to indulge in the unique taste of this Brazilian variety. So, embrace the vibrant colors and succulent flavors of Palmer mangoes and savor the tropical goodness they bring to your table.


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